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Little Brian Paint Sticks and Fabric Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks and Fabric Paint Sticks


We were sent a 12 pack of Fabric Paint Sticks, and a 24 pack of Paint Sticks.

Fabric Paint Sticks

If you child is a budding fashion designer like my Summer, then they are going to love the Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks set. The set includes 12 vibrant colours of fabric paint sticks and are virtually mess free.

These offer a fun, clean and convenient way to paint fabrics. They are user-friendly; used much like prit-sticks, where you twist the bottom to bring up more of the paint stick up (the paint stick is much like solid paint).  and it is easily applied directly onto fabric. To finish and seal the design, you use a hair dryer (or iron) applying the heat on the reverse side of the fabric. Once set, you can wash your fabric (40'c max) and the design remains.

We found a plain white vest which Summer wanted to do her pattern on and I left her to it. She had tons of fun and thoroughly enjoyed it (mess free too)- Once she was finished I sealed her design with a hair dryer. She was so proud of her finished design she made everyone try it on.

Paint Sticks

This set is the same concept, but to be used on paper, cardboard, they even work on glass surfaces. Perfect for painting with - each paint stick offers bold and vibrant colours. No paints brushes needed, no water needed, thus, less mess to clear up - win win!

The paint dries very quickly, which is an advantage if you have little storage space for drying the kids paintings.

It’s lovely watching the kids painting, making colourful pictures and just having fun. Little Brian Paint Sticks are great and we love them, so much so we will be purchasing a pack of the Metallics and neon very soon. 

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