LEGO Architecture London

Kids Toys Club invited us to review the Lego Architecture London set.

My middle teenage son wants to be an architect - he has his whole education and career path planned out, all with full focus on becoming an architect - I'm really proud of him and I hope his dream will become reality. We went to London last summer and he loved seeing all the buildings. And as we walked along the Thames, it was a proud mummy moment watching him as he absorbed and relished the London architecture. 

So when we were sent the Lego Architecture London set for review, I knew it would be a hit!

Lego is timeless and kids (and adults) love and enjoy hours building and exploring, but when it is focused on a theme that you love, it's so much more enjoyable and fun to build.

With the Lego architecture London set, it has been developed for all the people that have an interest in travel, architectural culture, history and design. Each set is scaled to give an accurate representation of the comparative size of each structure, with true-to-life colour depiction.  The base is approx 28.5cm wide and 15cm tall.

The set includes over 460 LEGO pieces and features the Iconic London buildings: National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, London Eye, Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower) and Tower Bridge.  London’s Thames River is represented by transparent baseplate tiles.

Included is 120-page booklet with detailed visual step by step instructions, in addition, it features throughout the booklet, highlights and details of the history behind each structure.

The completed build is lovely. The detail in the landmark buildings are both clever and great - it comes together perfectly and is perfect for proudly displaying on the shelves in the home; the only disappoint part was the wheel doesn't spin.