Labyrinth Game by Ravensburg

We love playing board games. It brings the whole family together, we sit around the table, spending time away from screens and just enjoying each others company. I grew up playing board games with the family and friends, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and many more. But, I've never played Labyrinth before, so when I was invited to review it, I was excited to see what it was - it didn't disappoint!  Labyrinth by Ravensburg is a great board game. 

The game is so simple, anyone can learn how to play pretty quickly. Thus, it is a great game to pull out when friends or family are around. 

Each player's task is to work their way around the board to find treasures - but it is not a simple board, this one moves and changes before your next turn. You place all the tiles onto the board, in no particular order. You deal out treasure cards. The aim is to reach the tile on which the treasure is printed. You do this by pushing tiles. As the players push the tiles the layout of the labyrinth changes. It's great fun as the Labyrinth will be completely different before it comes around to your turn again. To win, you need to find all the treasures shown in your cards and go back to the start point.

You can play this game with two to four players. It's a game of strategy with a little bit of luck.

Labyrinth is a great game with a unique gameplay. A game that will be played over and over again. And, it would make a lovely gift for kids and/or adults.