Kazoops Fun With Clouds. 

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Monty and Jimmy Jones are back with brand new Kazoops Adventures!

Last night we watched the latest Kazoops Episode (number 63) Fun With Clouds. 

The grey clouds ruining their plans, and wish they’d go away, but Monty and Jimmy Jones set out to show them that the sky wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without clouds.

Kazoops is a lovely sweat series to watch for the kiddies. They come home from school, raid the fridge and then settle down and turn the TV on, just in time to watch Kazoops.  They watched yesterday's series, Fun With Clouds and really enjoyed it, it inspired them to go check out the clouds outside after.

Todays' episode, 'Car Trip’ –  was just as much fun. Monty is surprised that his Mum doesn’t find her job as interesting and exciting as he does, and begins to wonder if things become dull if they you do them every day.

And, the kids are looking forward to tomorrow's episode.

You can watch the latest Kazoops each weekday at 3.45pm on CBeebies

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