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Infacare Baby Bath


The kids love baths, they will spend ages playing and splashing and blowing the bubbles. But like me, they have sensitive skin and eczema. Thus, I'm always careful with the products we buy, I have to make sure the product is gentle, caring and won't irritate their or my skin.

Infacare Baby Bath is pH balanced and is gentle, and it excludes Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, a common irritant for little ones suffering from eczema. 

It gives your bath lots of long-lasting bubbles, that is caring and sensitive to the skin. I like how it is a large bottle, which lasts longer and a little goes a long way with Infacare Baby Bath. The bubbles are fragranced, it has a delicate, powdery type scent. 

It's just a lovely bubble bath which I am really pleased and confident to continue to use. 

InfaCare say that their range is recommended by hospital midwives and healthcare professionals. For more information see www.infacare.co.uk. You can buy Infacare is most major high street retailers and supermarkets - 

  • Baby Bath 400ml RRP £2.09.  
  • Infacare Night-Time Baby Bath RRP £3.49 for 750ml

For the cost and the quality Infacare is great value for money.

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