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How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag


How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

We went on our first family camping trip a few weeks ago, it was so much more than we expected.  We all caught the camping bug and are already planning for our next trip.

We just about got all the basics for our first camping trip, apart from one sleeping bag as we wanted the right type and it wasn't available. Everyone had a sleeping bag bar one, but it was not a major issue as we took quilts instead and it was a really warm few days, so it worked out well. However, we definitely need to get one more for our future camping trips.

So how do you choose a Sleeping Bag?!

Sleeping bags come in different forms, sizes, and shapes. Which include the double sleeping bag, the mummy sleeping bag, the thermal sleeping bag, and other types. 

There’s practically a sleeping-bag for every camping-related scenario. With the typical unreliable British weather, it can be daunting to get the right sleeping-bag to meet your needs. 

Each type of sleeping-bag varies in suitability and have a variety of different technical properties, so choosing the right one is not as easy as grabbing one of the shelves; you have to check out their features to gain a full understanding of their benefits to see if they’re the right sleeping-bag for you. Below, I've put together a guide on what I learnt whilst buying 5 sleeping-bags, and the information I will use to buy my 6th and final sleeping-bag.

Sleeping-bag types

Double Sleeping-Bag

A double sleeping-bag, is designed for two people to sleep in, making it perfect for couples. The design is rectangular, this design will not retain the same level of heat as single sleeping-bags, however, it does allow you to share body heat which will keep you warm.

Mummy Sleeping-Bag

Shaped to hug the body with a narrow spot around the feet end, this keeps the heat within the bag close to your body and prevents it from being lost. It also features a hood which allows you to cover your head to keep the warmth all night. For someone like me that doesn't like to be restricted, this type of sleeping bag is not suitable for, however, my boys, this was their first choice and love their mummy sleeping-bag.

Rectangular sleeping-Bag

Shaped in a simple rectangular fashion, these type of sleeping-bag are wider at the feet to allow a wide range of movement. This allows a more comfortable sleep for those who like to move around. They are less effective at retaining heat than mummy sleeping-bags. This type is definitely preferred by me, where it won't restrict my legs like the mummy will.

The Season Ratings

You will find that most sleeping-bags will have a season rating, i.e, 2, 3 or 4-season - but what are these? 

2-Season - A 2-season sleeping-bag is specifically for the warmer months of summer / spring. They are light and not as heavy (or warm) as winter styles.

3-Season - A 3-season sleeping-bags is designed to for mild weather and can be used from spring through to autumn. We chose 3-season for all of our sleeping-bags as they are versatile through our unpredictable British weather; keeping you cool for warmer nights and warm for cooler nights.

4-Season - A 4-season sleeping-bag is thick/heavier bags, designed to keep you warm during the colder/winter nights.

For a great range of sleeping-bags visit here.

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