HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula


HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula is a remote control bot that you can do battles with other HEXBUG Battle Ground bots.

How cool do these sound?! 

They have built-in sensors on the top to register hits, complete with cute little laser sound effects. It has up to a 2-metre remote control range, and you can command these bots to go forward or back and turn left and right, which they do effectively, making it much more fun to battle with.

It's a sturdy little toy, Jacob thought it would be cool to walk it off the table, and it crashed landed on the floor, but it did survive - although I asked him not to do that again, as next time it could break!

It looks pretty cool too - the bot is ready to battle in it hard armour, with skittering spidey legs and two guns on the side for effect (these do not shot though).

We were sent the single pack for review, but there is a dual pack available, which would be ideal if as you get two robots that can battle against each other - so much more fun to be had. Jacob hasn't stopped playing with his HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula since we received it, so I know he will love to receive a second one to battle with his, thus, I popped it on the Christmas list to surprise him with.