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Hetty Cleaning Trolley

Last week we had some pre-Christmas excitement. Casdon sent us a beautiful wrapped up gift.

Summer was rather excited to open her new present, and even more excited when she unwrapped the Hetty Cleaning Trolly.

Hetty Cleaning Trolly is a large box full which includes:

  • mop with cloth
  • broom
  • brush
  • dust pan
  • bottle and paper waste bag
  • Cleaning trolley 

Summer loves getting involved and helping me clean and this set is perfect for her to get involved and have some fun too. Role play is her favourite thing to do and she has played with the Hetty Cleaning Trolly over and over again since we received it. She loves how all the parts store in the main trolley. 

Summer's 4 and it's the perfect height/size for her to push the trolley around, and to use the brooms and brush etc. The paper dust bag didn't last long as it's a paper bag and quickly got ripped. But the rest seems pretty good.  

RRP £10, which is great value for money. It's also available in Red colour.

Summer has a few Casdon toys, and was so pleased to receive the Hetty Cleaning Trolley.

The items store nicely on the Trolley. It's great how she can keep all the items in one place.

She stores it in the utility room next to the hoover, broom etc.  



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