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Googly Eyes


Googly Eyes

What a fab, fun game to play!

It's so lovely getting the whole family together and sitting around the table and playing a game together, laughing and enjoying each others company. And, you know when it is a good game, when the kids want to play it over and over again.

The rules of this game are very simple, it's tonnes of fun, and a little bit silly (in a good way). You play in teams. Rolls the dice and take your turn around the board. The colour you land on is the colour of your drawing challenge and the colour of the lenses you have to wear. There are three colours: Green, Blue and Yellow.

Each coloured lens has a different level of visual distortion, hence, giving you a different distortion and making it much harder to draw: green for easy, yellow for medium, and blue for hard. (swapping the lenses is very easy, and they are robustly made, so no worries on them braking)

Depending on the colour you land on also determines the length of time you have to draw. Green, 45 seconds, Yellow gives you 30 seconds and Blue gives you just 15 seconds.

If you partner guesses correctly your attempt of drawing the subject, then you get another turn, if you don't get it, the next team has a go.  The team to reach the end of the board, wins.

University Games Googly Eyes Board Game
University Games UK Ltd

I teamed up with Summer, and Jacob teamed up with his dad, Lewis was on standby to help Summer. Jacob and hubby won, but we had so much fun playing it, we were disappointed it ended.

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