Gin Explorer - A Gin Subscription Box

From stationery to beauty subscription boxes are a fad that is not going away anytime soon and as someone that enjoys them, I am glad. You can now have pretty much anything delivered monthly to your door and I am a proud subscriber to a few subscription boxes for the kids and one for me.

Subscription boxes give you the experience and opportunity to try new products at home. You are buying an experience with the goodies inside and they are fun. Thus, the Gin Explorer subscription box is just that, both an experience and fun, and you get to learn about the gin producers and their histories.

The box is presented as a little old fashioned suitcase and when you open it up, an illustrated booklet presents itself as your tour guide through the box. With Gin Explorer you get to explore different gins from around the globe.  

What's included the Box:

  • 4 double gins
  • Gourmet tonics and mixers
  • Tasting notes and histories
  • Gifts and treats for gin lovers
  • 10% discount at the Gin Festival shop
  • Surprises and more

Hubby and I are fairly new to gin, my brother-in-law brought a bottle around over Christmas, and since then we have been enjoying what all the fuss is about! We've bought and tried a few different types, and we were excited to try out new ones with the Gin Explorer box. The box did not disappoint, it was a tasting experiencing that was fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys gin.

The subscription starts off at £24.99 and you can choose a one-off box, 3-month subscription or the 12-month subscription - Gin Explorer would also make for a lovely and unique gift.

Hubby and I will be going to the Norwich Gin festival in July, so look out for the blog post on how we get on.  I am especially looking forward to discovering the gin world further - the festival will be showcasing over 100 different gins including new gins and new producers.