EZ-FORT Fairy Tale Castle

The kids are always building den's in the living room, outdoors, or in their bedrooms. They use bedsheets, pillows and boxes.  So when we were sent the EZ-FORT for review, I knew the kids would love it - and they were very excited.

55 pieces are included in the set. Each piece is lightweight allowing small hands to create their den. The pieces connect and create. There are two different length sized tubes, one size being longer, which makes it easier for kids to build a more spacious den, i.e. allowing them to climb in and out.

To build you connect and create with the tubes and spheres. However, we found the kids struggled to connect the parts, as, the tube and sphere system is a very tight fit. Hubby or I had to do it for them. And, you would think the tight fit would make for a more secure connection, but unfortunately, the bits do disconnect now and then. However, it doesn't spoil the fun, and we just connect the bits together again and the kids continue to play. 

EZ-FORT is great fun and Summer's imagination instantly comes to life when she plays in it.  You can play with it indoors or outdoors. It gives hours of creative fun - We love it!

The box includes everything you need to build a pretty cool den. And, we are so impressed with EZ-FORT we are going to be another set, to add to the one we have. Summer can build an even bigger den then!.

We did pop to the shops to buy a double sheet, in pink, as the sheet that comes with the set is not really big enough.  But, Summer uses both sheets and she is super happy with her den.