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Energizer & Secret Life of Pets family Challenge

Energizer & Secret Life of Pets family Challenge

The Secret Life of Pets, is a fab fun where all the animals come together when their hoomans are not around, and they have a whole world of fun in their own adventures. 

The Secret Life of Pets has been released on DVD, and to celebrate  Energizer sent a whole box of goodies with the challenge to get creative and build a home for our soft toy. 

Energizer is powering family time with a range of batteries and headlamps and so we were also sent Energizer goodies too. 

Being this time of the year, Jacob knew he wanted to build a small house, one we could 'light' up and decorate to make all homely for our new soft toy pet (Snowball) - with a winter feel to it.

Energizer sent us everything we needed to make our home - the cardboard, paints, lights and much more- Jacob was in his element, planning out what he was going to do with his new craft challenge.

I helped Jacob cut out the roof and we glued the house 'frame' together.  He glued red shiny sheets on the roof and painted the walls white.

Jacob stuck some lights around the bottom of the roof.  And, he made the front door to match the roof.

He then got another bit of cardboard for the front garden and drew out the path. Jacob painted the path red and green on either side for grass.

We made added some small additions to make the house more homely. 

Jacob spent hours putting his home together, adding little touches here and there. Including a letter box for the door and some cut out trees for the front garden.

Snowball fitted in to his new house perfectly. 

Thanks to Energizer for this fun challenge.

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