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Elli Woollard and 3 of Her Reimagined Fairytales

Elli Woollard and 3 of Her Reimagined Fairytales

Elli Wollard collaborates with award-winning illustrator and animation director Benji Davies who has created illustrations for many bestselling picture books. Elli Woollard started writing stories after an embarrassing incident in which her youngest son broke Michael Rosen’s glasses.

In addition to picture books, she also writes children's poems with her catchy rhythms and witty stories - which are great fun for you and your little one to read together. 

The three books that we sent for review are:

  • The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight
  • The Giant of Jum
  • Swashbuckle Lil The Secret Pirate

The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight

This story is a hit with Jacob and Summer, it has a knight and a dragon, who found each other and became great friends, but they are supposed to be enemies aren't they?

Will the dragon bite?

A tale of heroism, friendship, and knobbly knees.

The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight is a colourful, fun and heartwarming story with the perfect illustration to compliment the story. 

The Giant of Jum

"Fee!" he said, and "Fi!" he said, and "Fo!" he said and "Fum!"

Giant of Jum is grumpy and hungry -  the story follows his adventure in the search of a tasty snack.  The tastiest snack of all would be a boy named Jack.  

The Giant fancies some nice children to fill his rumbling tummy, except instead of munching up Jack and his friend he ends up helping them. 

Elli Wollard's debut book - a colourful book and story full of fun rhymes with a heartwarming twist on a classic tale.  This is one of Jacob's favourite classic tales, thus, I knew he would love The Giant of Jum.

Swashbuckle Lil: The Secret Pirate

School girl Lil is a secret pirate and keeps her parrot named Carrot in her bag. But, Lil's school friends think she's an ordinary girl and assume they're just imagining things when they hear her bag squawk.  Lil's teacher believes she is naughty and doesn't realise that Lil is really trying to save her from being kidnapped by the wicked pirate, Stinkbeard!

Swashbuckle Lil: The Secret Pirate contains two short stories written in rhyme, with fun illustrations throughout. This is an enjoyable read that the kids laughed along and loved the rhymes.

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