Easter Fun with L.O.L Surprise! Dolls

This Easter we did something a little different and had some fun with L.O.L Suprise Doll and had a Easter Hunt.

We received an L.O.L Surprise Doll Easter Hunt pack, which included, one Suprise pack, a packet of sweets and some colouring pages.  Some fun bits to keep Summer entertained one afternoon, this Easter half term.

Summer's seen the L.O.L Suprise Doll's on YouTube and was super excited to final have one for herself.

There are seven layers of surprises including;

  • secret message reveals a hint at the doll’s personality (you try and guess what doll you have in the middle)
  • sticker sheet
  • water bottle charm
  • shoes
  • a dress
  • accessory
  • L.O.L. Surprise doll

You can fill the water bottle with water and feed your doll with the water bottle to find out if she cries, dribbles, or goes for a wee. You use the ball play in four ways; as a carry case (attachable handle is included), to display your L.O.L doll, bath playset and/or for your doll to hangout.

First Summer unravelled each layer and found the hidden compartment in each unwrapping to find each part.  The parts were in blind packs, so not only did we have to unravel the ball, we also had to open the blind packs to see what we had - there was lots of excitement involved.

I then hide the parts and we had a little Easter Hunt - each one I gave her a clue and she would run to find it. 

Once we found all the L.O.L doll parts, I left Summer to play with her L.O.L doll - and she loves it.