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We've only started subscribing to Netflix since a few months and one of the kids favourite cartoons the kids love to watch is DinoTrux. It's a Netflix original cartoon from DreamWorks Animation. So when we were sent a box of DinoTrux toys, the kids were rather excited.

Both Summer and Jacob love dinosaurs, and, Jacob especially loves anything that is mechanical. DinoTrux is just that, a mix of part-dino and part-mechanical.

Dinotrux Skya's Tall Tail Slide Playset, is a large toy. Skya is from the Mechazoic Era the kind-hearted crane-like half-dinosaur, half construction vehicle. It features a powered mechanism that activates vehicle motion on the track, to send Reptools (one is included) to different levels or to aim for the Scraptor targets.

You lift Skya's tail to move the massive body - you place the two included Scraptor figures on the 'rock' and aim to knock them down.

RRP £29.99.

Dinotrux Revvit, a razor-sharp Reptool from the Mechazoic Er. Is a combination for any dinosaur and tool loving child. He has sounds and phrases, he features a tail-activated spinning drill head with interchangeable bits and a real measuring tape tongue. 

You can store the extra tool bits on Revvit's tale and on the storage rack on his spine. The tale also pulls out and activates the ‘drill’ on his head which is super cool and Jacob loves.  

RRP £29.99 Available from Smyths, Toys R Us and Argos.

Dinotrux Hero Assortment - this little fellow, smashes, swings and chomps his way around - he's pretty cool, half-dinosaur, half-construction.

He has a pullback motor and unique movements that show off his truck-ability and he's pretty fun in his moves, as he tail-smashes, jaw-chomping. The fun doesn't stop there, when you pull the lever on top of his head he makes some cool sounds and phrases.

There are a few to collect from the Dinotrux Hero Assortment range, and you will find them in Argos, RRP £14.99.


Head over to the official Dinotrux website http://www.dreamworkstv.com/shows/dinotrux/ for lots of interactive fun and games with all your prehistoric pals! 

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