Despicable Me 3 Splashers, Stuart Vehicle RC and Walkie Talkies

It's been Minions madness this summer, a whole lot of yellow fun.  

We were sent the Stuart Vehicle RC, Minion Walkie Talkies and some Despicable Me 3 Splashers to review.

Stuart Vehicle RC

Kid's love RCs and my kids have loved testing out the Stuart Vehicle RC. It's basic, but fun. You can only go forward or backward and it is very easy to control  - it's quite fast and looks mega cool with its very large back wheel. It requires 3 AA batteries in the vehicle and 3 AAA in the remote. 

Suitable for 3+, and the RRP £24.99. 

Minion Walkie Talkies

These cool Walkie Talkies and a hit in our house. The kids love playing with these. You get one Dave and one Stuart, they have a 100meter range which is more than enough for the kids to run around and communicate to each other and they have hours of fun with these. They each have volume control and they are easy to use > just press the button and talk. 

They require 4 AA batteries. Suitable for 3+ and the RRP £12.99.

Despicable Me 3 Splashers

These are great. You can play with them in the bath or in the pool; so much fun!   You get 3 minions, Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. These are simple toys but will last a long time - they look super cute too.

Who doesn't love playing with water? i.e. water Minions Splashers fight!