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Design a T-Shirt with River Island

Design a T-Shirt with River Island


Just before Christmas River Island sent us one of their white T-Shirts along with stickers, glitter and pens/paints and gave Jacob the challenge to make his River Island white T-Shirt to stand out from the crowd. 

Jacob loves challenges and especially anything where he gets to be creativity, and he enjoys messy activities, thus, I knew he would love this challenge, and he did.

Jacob got to work sticking, painting and glittering - he had loads of fun. He wanted his t-shirt to be full of colour, and painted faces, stuck stickers of cute dogs around the neck line and finished off with lots of glitter. 

He didn't really want or have a theme for his t-shirt design, he wanted it to be freestyle, and he wanted to make sure it showed that he had fun doing it.  It took him a couple of hours to complete, a lot of mess... but with the end result he was extremely pleased with his final design, colourful and it definitely stands out.

It's encouraged us to do this again, intact we did it with one of Summer's old t-shirts too. 

What do you think?

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