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Crate Creatures Review

Crate Creatures Review

Crate Creatures are a collection of interactive not-so-cuddly-teddies (but are grossly cute). They offer an unlimited unboxing experience that can be re-enacted again and again. 

The Create Creature is secured in a plastic crate and is wrapped in a plastic chain which can be released by unlocking its padlock with the included mini plastic crowbar. You also pop the top of the crate with the crowbar, at which time the Creature breaks-free, popping-out, thanks to a spring-loaded platform. As the crate is a part of the toy it can be re-used for the unboxing experience again and again. The crate also offers the perfect display home for your creature.

We received the rather gross but loveable SNORTHOG or review, which Jacob absolutely loves. SNORTHOG has Jacob in fits of giggles, and he has had tons of funs recording messages and playing with him - SNORTHOG now has a spot in Jacob's bedroom, proudly displayed on his shelf.

SNORTHOG Swinging in from the muggy jungles of Tuskk, meet Snorthog, the bog warthog who loves nothing more than digging up treats to eat and blowing out fantastically unpleasant boogers! 

Features of Crate Creature:

  • He has 45+ unique creature sounds including snotty growls and chomping sounds when you place his included snack in his mouth.
  • Snot squirts out of his nose.
  • Includes a snack, lock and chain and reusable crate.
  • He vibrates.
  • You can record your voice playback the recording.
  • If you take his food away before he’s had his fill though and watch his four furry arms flap up in horror.

You can also collect, Sizzle the fire-breathing dragon, Pudge the horned monster, and Blizz the ice monster. Available to buy at Smyth’s Toystores RRP £39.99

You press the back of SNORTHOG's head and snort squirts out.

Jacob has loads of fun recording messages that SNORTHOG plays back.


SNORTHOG pops out of his crate, much-like a jack-in-the-box.

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