My two crazy lovable beagles, Poppy and Kiwi. They're your typical beagle, full of energy and character. They love nothing more than to run, play, have fun, and be naughty. My 2 girls are very active and keep us active too. 

I take them out during the week for their walks, but their favourite time is when we take them out as a family on the weekend for long walks, it's something we do together and enjoy.  They get up to all sorts of fun and adventure and love nothing more than playing fetch, chase and catch.

Checkit! toys recently sent a box full of goodies for the girls.  Chuckit! are dog toy specialists, they are also a brand that specialise in glow in the dark toys, perfect for the dark early morning walks or late night walks and your dog loves to play fetch.

Take a look at what we were sent:

The Max Glow Zipflight, it flies, it glows - it is great fun for the dogs to chase and fetch. The toys is made of light weight foam with high-visibility fabric. It has a durable rubber edge and a strong nylon interior. This allows th dog to easily pick it up with their mouth. It also super easy to zip through the air.

Chuckit Max Glow Ball. This soft rubber hollow ball is perfect for my beagles, they can't chew and rip it apart like they do with a normal tennis ball.  It's also lightweight and they love carrying it in their mouth, they chuck it about with their mouths too - my dogs really love these rubber balls.

Chuckit! Pro Translucent Launcher – Pro 18. I’m rubbish at throwing a ball, it really doesn't go far enough for the dogs to get the most out of fetch, but with the launcher it allows me to launch the ball a good distance. The dogs get a good run then, and they love it.


On our walks we always make sure to pack their toys. They play with them no matter if we are on the beach, in the forest or in the marshes. 

Chuckit! toys are excellent quality and they offer great durability - beagles are known as destroyers and toys normally don't last very long, they quickly get ripped apart, but with CheckIt! toys they've survived and still going strong - which is a win win.