Christmas Eve Pack

Bedz R Us kindly sent Jacob and Summer a Christmas Eve Pack. The box was filled with a onesie each, bed socks, packets of reindeer food, some slippers, and a book each - including one from Jacob's favourite series, The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas.

We opened the pack on Christmas Eve, and the kids were over the moon. They excitedly got in their new onesies and bed socks, and we read the books together - and laughed, you can't help but laugh when reading The Dinosaur that Pooped books.

As we traditionally do on Christmas eve, we set Santa a tray with a glass of milk for him, reindeer food and a cookie. Jacob also wrote Santa a letter which he left on the tray.  (the letter was really sweet, wishing Santa well and saying he hoped Santa got presents too).

After we had snuggled and read the books, it was bed time. 

The kids loved their onesies, they were all cozy and warm.

We poured some Reindeer food into a bowl and left it on the side ready and waiting.

The kids were excited, and ready for bed, but not ready to go to sleep - it took a couple of hours for Jacob to settle, he came down approx 7 times with excuses, before he finally settled and fell asleep.

The Christmas Eve pack was a hit, it added a little bit extra Christmas magic, and it also helped the kids wind down for the evening and relax. I will definitely do one again next year.