Chambers of London Dog Shampoo

Kiwi and Poppy both love their walks, and being typical Beagles they love rolling in fox poo - it stinks when they do this. (we have to drive home with the car windows open). Last weekend, not only did Kiwi roll in fox poo, she also took a dip in the very stinky dyke. She came bounding back to us soaking wet, muddy and very smelly - her tail was wagging and she looked very pleased with herself.  Poppy's just as bad too, she loves rolling in fox poo, although, she's not too keen getting her paws wet, so no jumping in the water for her.

It was home and straight in the bath for both Kiwi and Poppy. Fox poo isn't the easiest to wash out to get rid of the smell, you need a good dog shampoo that will work and my favourite is Chambers of London Natural Shampoo for Dogs. It has a lovely smell, and it is very gentle and caring on both Poppy and Kiwi's coat and skin. It's made with mild surfactants derived from coconuts which are excellent at cleaning dogs’ coats without breaking down the skin’s natural oils. The water in the shampoo is camomile and calendula infusion which helps with itchy skin any minor cuts or rashes. The shampoo includes Peppermint and lavender essential oils, which gives it that lovely fresh scent. 

A little goes a long way with this shampoo and it works great.

Natural Shampoo for Dogs with Sensitive Skin - Peppermint, a 500ml bottle costs £9.50, which it great value for money - and the bottles lasts ages.