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Camping Wish List

Camping Wish List

We love spending time in the outdoors, but, we sometimes find it hard to justify buying ourselves new gear to further embrace it, which will in essence enhance our outdoor experience. However, we've recently come to the realisation that investing in camping / outdoor equipment can broaden our horizon together as a family and we are going to take the plunge. 

I grew up camping, we travelled all around England and Europe and I have some amazing memories of how beautiful the outdoors is - how much their is to see, experience and enjoy. My hubby was in the army for 10-years, thus, camping is something that he relishes.

As a family we’ve been craving to experience camping, and we are joining friends on a camping trip next month, however we are in need of a lot of new equipment.

We are camping with our kids, thus, we want our children to be comfortable enough during our outdoor trip so that their needs are met and each of us can enjoy the adventure. Kids learn to be flexible and meet challenges. Alot of what they learn in camping, they can transfer to real life skills.

Although next month will be a small camping trip, we already have plans to adventure out over the summer holidays, going further a field and even taking the dogs with us. So with 4 kids, and our 2 dogs, we want space, a nice large spacious tent.

So here is my camping wishlist for 2018:

  • After watching hours of Coleman videos and a visit to a couple of local camping shops, we have our hearts on the Holly Springs 6 Tunnel Tent. The black-out bedroom that provide a defence against the early morning light, was a winner for us. The tunnel tent also appeals more to me, as it gives you two separate sleeping spaces, instead of all next to each other.
  • We really need to get ourselves a new bed, but I don't like the camp bed types, I prefer the air beds like this Outwell quilt cover airbed.
  • With 4 hungry young mouths (not including us two) we’ll need to cook up some serious meals when we’re camping this year and I am loving the Camping party grill.
  • This Outwell Corda Picnic table set gives us enough space to sit round, with 4 chairs, and a sturdy set up, this is what we need. The set packs down into a bag, making it perfectly portable for our camping adventures.
  • The 47 litre cool box will keep ice frozen for up to 5 days and has an extendable handle and wheels for easy transport.  Perfect for our camping trips and keeping drink and food cool.
  • The Coleman Battery Lock Conquer Push Lantern 200 will be bright enough to keep the kids happy and can last up to 80 hours - or up to 400 hours of use on a low setting!

With these new items from my wish list and the camping items we already own, we will be ready and waiting for our camping trip next week - and excited.  

Why the excitement for camping?

Camping brings everyone together for fun, adventure, skills such as canoeing, hiking and fishing, and campfire fun. It's one of the best family bonding activities which doesn’t cost the high price of family vacations abroad.

We hope our camping adventures will last for many years of creating happy family camping memories.

My camping shopping wish list was put together by myself from browsing the Simply Hike website.


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