Bugs in the Kitchen - Ravensburger

With all the technology my kids have, they still love playing board games. There is something charming about playing board games, a family pastime that brings friends and family together, for fun and laughter.

Bugs in the Kitchen by Ravensburger is a unique, fast paced, fun board game. Included in the box is 24 pegs, the game board, 4 bug traps, 24 kitchen utensils – knives, forks and spoons, 18 cockroach tokens, dice, 2 trap doors and a HEXBUG Nano bug.

You set it up inside the box, which I really like - much easier to play (after one time set up, and also tidier to put away/store). Set up is simple, and then you are ready to play.

Each player has a food trap corner, any unused traps are closed off with the trap doors which slot over the traps.  You position the utensils on the board to match one of the examples shown in the instruction manual, providing a maze for the bug to scurry through.

Once ready to start, you turn the HEXBUG Nano on and place the bug in the middle of the board. Taking it in turns, each player rolls the dice and turn the relevant utensil 45 degrees. If your dice throw lands on the ?, then you can turn any utensil of your choice to your advantage. 

Each time your bug falls into a trap, the trap owner of the trap wins a cockroach token. You then reset the board from scratch and start again. The winner is the first person who collects the first 5 cockroach tokens.

It's a great game, it can be played with 2-4 players. RRP £19.95.