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Bratz InstaPets

Bratz InstaPets

The girls are back and this time with their new InstaPets (aka their spirit animals).

This new Bratz collection is all about showing off your adorable pet by snapping cute pics and posting it on Instagram or dressing head to toe in an outfit inspired by your kawaii cute spirit animal. 

Summer was very lucky to be sent the InstaPets Cloe doll, who is accessorised by her cute InstaPet the bobblehead pig.


  • heart-shaped sunglasses (either Cloe can wear these or the bobble head pig)
  • Piggy earrings
  • Headband with pig ears.
  • Doll's phone
  • Phone case
  • Iconic Bratz hairbrush

Cloe comes in a pink top, dotted print art on one legging bottom, blue boots, and has a trendy color streaked hair. Her Instapet Pig is the cutest bobble head and is a sweet addition to the Bratz collection. The other dolls from the Bratz InstaPets range include super cute pets including, a bee, a frog and a rabbit.

This new Bratz range is fun and cute. 

You can collect all of the Bratz Instapets dolls and their bobble-head pets. And, you can also download a free Bratz app from the App store or Google Play.

Bratz Instapets Cloe Doll
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