Ben 10 Twitter Party


Last month was a really hard month. My dad passed away after battling cancer for 7 months and all our lives changed forever. The kids don't have their grandad anymore and they're finding it very hard. I've desperately tried to keep things as normal as possible and to keep them occupied, especially as it was the school holidays too. One thing I had forgotten was we were invited to host the Ben 10 Twitter party, so when the big box of Ben 10 toys turned up, I took the opportunity to give the kids something to look forward to. We invited close family and friends around. It was a nice afternoon, the kids enjoyed it, and I tweeted and chatted away.

We were able to showcase the new Ben 10 toys and try them out. We had lots of activities and games to join in, and I gave Ben 10 prizes out - at the end, everyone went home with a very cool Ben 10 Goody bag, which included, a Ben 10 figure, Ben 10 cookie, activity sheets and lots more.

During the twitter party, we played Ben 10 Treasure Hunt, where the kids had to find the hidden cards. We did a quiz, which was fun (kids shouting out answers and laughing - they also got a sticker when they got an answer correctly)! We also coloured in some Ben 10 colouring sheets, and we played the game 'Which Ben 10 Alien Are You' where the kids sat around the Alien Dial, they spun it wearing the Omnitrix, and where the spinner landed confirmed the Alien they were!

My son's friend who won one of the Omnitrix's during the quiz wears it every day since the party! Jacob has been playing with his new Ben 10 figures (he wants to collect them all)

Below are some photos from the party: