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Back to School with Moj Moj

Back to School with Moj Moj


The kids were back at school last week, and have already settled in to their new classes and lessons - and doing very well. Both Summer and Jacob absolutely love school, although they loved the summer holidays, they were super pleased to be back at school! Lewis, starts year-11, his final year, his GCSEs. Liam isn’t returning to college, he will continue to work his part-time job until he joins the army.

When we were sent a Back to School bundle from Moj Moj, it added to the excitement of returning to school.

The bundle included helpful items to prepare Summer’s return back to school; a new backpack, new drinks bottle, pens, hair clip and most importantly a new alarm clock - it was also packs with some Moj Moj blind packs.

Moj Moj also encouraged us to discuss the kids dreams for this school year, Summer was to do well, learn her maths, and do more science. (she wants to be a army medic, so she knows science is important for this). Jacob, absolutely loves anything science, and dreams that he has science everyday. (Jacob wants to be a scientist when he is older). Both Summer and Jacob are really into science, this is something as a parent that I will encourage. Jacob’s love for science is infectious, and this has clearly rubbed off on Summer as very recently, she has started to express her love for science, especially learning more about how the body works.

What are Moj Moj’s?

Moj Moj Squishy Toys are a collection of soft and squishy, rare and ultra-rare characters with fun, collectible themes. There are 95+ to collect and trade. 


Summer loves opening the blind bags to see what is inside.

The very rather squishy cute Moj Moj’s.


Summer looking to see what ones she found, and what ones she wants to collect next.

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