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We were invited to be a part of the BABY born babysitter campaign by Zapf Creation. We received the iconic BABY born doll along with a few BABY born accessories.  Summer is really into her dolls at the moment, so I knew she would love to show me her babysitting skills.

The BABY born doll itself comes with an array of accessories, everything a child needs to get started with, including a nappy, sachet of food, baby bottle, dummy and dummy clip, hat and clothing and a feeding bowl and spoon. the BABY born doll has some fun real life functions like, being able to cry real tears, eat, drink and even wee! These functions allow the child to care for their doll and role play as a parent.

We also received a pair of Pyjamas with shoes, a super cute packet of BABY born nappies, and the BABY born carrier seat.

First thing Summer was excited to do was to put her new dolls nappy on, and to set up her dummy. Summer filled the bottle up with water and got started with feeding her Baby Born doll.  She also took great care in to changing the dolls outfit.

We had parents evening that evening and Summer wanted to bring her Baby doll along with her. She placed the BABY born Carrier Seat on herself and fitted her baby inside and off we went.

Baby Born is great for encouraging imaginative and creative play. Summer plays quite happily for hours, using her imagination with role play; the accessories really help to enhance her experience and imagination. She absolutely loves the BABY born sets we received, especially now she gets to carry her baby around with the baby carrier.

BABY born Interactive Doll (RRP £49.99) Fully movable and waterproof. No batteries required. 

BABY born Carrier Seat (RRP £16.99) The BABY born Carrier Seat lets you carry BABY born on the front or back with its comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps. it is perfect for family days out. 

BABY born Pyjamas with Shoes Doll (RRP £10.99) The adorable one-piece pyjama outfit in pink is printed with funny raindrops and berta the duck in a bathing cap. The shoes with three funny pins to decorate yourself offer perfect protection for baby born's little feet.

Pack of BABY born nappies (£5.99). A pack of nappies especially for your BABY born doll.

Prestige Flowers Mother's day

Prestige Flowers Mother's day

Vampirina Toys #VampirinaToys

Vampirina Toys #VampirinaToys