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BABY Born Interactive Bathtub

BABY Born Interactive Bathtub


Summer is a very lucky girl. She received the BABY Born interactive Bathtub to review and she totally loves it.  Summer loves playing with her dolls, her pram, her changing unit, and was super excited to receive the bathtub as part of her growing collection.

BABY Born interactive Bathtub offers hours of fun, bathing her favourite doll. The bathtub plays the Baby Born jingle and makes fun bath time sounds like splashing and giggling. The shower head spurts water out, which Summer gets really excited about, and you can create lots of foam/bubbles to the bath with a simple push of a button.

Summer loves giving her favourite doll a bath, it makes her feel grown up.   A little duck toy is also included.

We just make sure to place some towels down underneath the bath and let Summer have some messy water roll play fun. 

The BABY Born Interactive Bathtub is well made and has lots of cool features. This would make a lovely gift.

Included in the box:

  • Splashing, laughing and bubble sound effects
  • Flashing light
  • Foaming function
  • Showers water
  • Includes a duck
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