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Alien Missions Evolution and Spider-Man Chase Rhino Game

Alien Missions Evolution and Spider-Man Chase Rhino Game

Both, Alien Mission and Spider-Man Chase Rhino Game are single-player games that combine speed, accuracy, and nerve to win.

Alien Mission Evolution

To play you have to wear the alien mission goggles, green and yellow aliens will appear on the screen of your goggles. You then have to try and blast the aliens with your gun - you do this by aligned the gun to the goggles and shooting the aliens as they appear as quickly as possible, but be quick as they soon disappear. 

Yellow leader aliens you gain double points, but these are faster and harder to shot

You can choose from three difficulties challenge levels and the aim is to zap as many aliens as you can.  Each time you zap an alien it scores it on the gun and totals up.

  in the Alien Missions Evolution box:

  • 1 pair of goggles
  • 1 electronic gun 
  • Instructions
  • Jacob didn't enjoy this game as much as the Ghost Hunt Spiderman, this is because he found it frustrating and challenging to shoot the aliens, but he does enjoy it, and the more he practice, the better he gets.  

Alien Missions Evolution is a fun game to play and would make a great gift for this Christmas


Spider Man Chase Rhino Game

Turn the lights off, and get ready with your blaster. This is one fun game, which Jacob loves. 

Included in the box:

  • 1 Spider-Man electronic projector
  • 1 electronic gun
  • Instructions

To play you switch the Spider-Man base on and select easy, medium or hard mode. Then the gun activates and the Spider-man begins turning and projecting images from his hand. You need to zap these images with your gun.  Every now and then the gun needs reloading by pressing the button on the top.

At the end of the game you can see how many targets you zapped by the total that is displayed on the gun.

Spider-Man Chase Rhino Game is really enjoyable to play and would make a great Christmas gift.


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