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Toxic Fox - Personalised Oak Keepsake Photo Cube

I love keepsakes, from bracelets to cute little wooden boxes, something to keep with you through the years to keep close to you that means something to you. And, I love giving my children keepsakes.

This Personalized Oak Cube from Toxic Fox is beautiful. It is a fantastic way to display special memories. There is space for 5 photos and each photo section holds photos sized 6.5cm x 6.5cm.

The cube framework is constructed of solid Oak and the five windows are 1.5mm glass, which are each backed by a 2.5mm colour coordinated MDF panel to sandwich a photo, and with a retention clip to hold it all in place. 

Hand engraved, you get to choose any message you want to add - making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

The cube has a lid that is fully removable for easy access to the inside, allowing you to store/hide little bits and bobs. Summer at the moment stores her favourite Fisher Price Little People, but this cube will grow with her, and I am sure when she is older she will be storing different items, like jewellery etc. 
The photos are very easy to change, we had some Polaroid-type prints and Summer picked her favourite ones and we placed them in the cube.
This now sits proudly on her window sill, and she often stands there looking at the photos and swapping and changing which Little People she puts in. It is her special little box.

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