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Power Rangers Dino Charge Megazord

I remember watching and playing Power Rangers with my younger brother, and then my oldest son was into Power Rangers, and now Jacob is too. So Power Rangers has been in my life for 20 odd years and I've probably watched most of the episodes and played with many toys from the range.

With the latest new Power Rangers Dino Charge range, Bandai has launched the all new Megazord - you can use the Dino Charges to enhance the features of the Megazord. The Dino Charge Megazord can morph between 3 Dino Zords to form the ultimate Megazord, which is pretty damn cool - my son thinks so.

Megazord is a large toy and he has a lot of weight to him and he comes built with the Stegozord and the Tricerazord attached as the arms.  The two arms come off easily but stay in place while playing. 

You can put a Dino Charger in their mouths to activate more morphing features: Tricerazord's tail pops out and Stegozord grows an extra long spike. Stegozord's tail comes off in Megazord mode to become a shield and sword combination.

T-RexZord is the coolest of the transformations and when a Dino Charger is inserted into his mouth and his mouth is closed, spikes poke up on top of his head. - Jacob's favourite.

Each transformation is pretty straightforward, even Jacob (5 years old) does it in a whizz.

This is a well made, strong and robust toy. The parts are easily swapped around, and he stays together well. This would make a great gift for any Power Ranger fan. Jacob's final word is "Dino Charge Megazord is awesome"!

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