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My Friend Freddy Bear

Whilst at Britmums Live I got to meet My Friend Freddy Bear, which instantly reminded me of iTeddy. Liam had an iTeddy when he was younger (I think going back 7/8 years ago now), it was pretty cool but quite limited with regards to its features and functions - however, My Friend Freddy Bear is so much more advance. My Friend Freddy Bear is a personalised, talking interactive teddy bear which can learn about your child.

Summer had kept on about My Friend Freddy Bear after seeing him advertised on TV and when I showed her my Britmum Live photos she was pretty excited. Then when I was contacted and offered to review one, I knew it would go down well. I kept it a secret and when he arrived she was over the moon; it was so nice to see her little face light up with delight. 

Summer couldn't wait to get him out of the box. When we did, we found a lovely and cuddly bear, with very soft fur - perfect for cuddles - but, he offers so much more.

With the free mobile app Freddy Bear can learn about your child. When setting him up, the app takes you through approx. 50 questions where you add details like your child's favourite colour, favourite game, what they do during a car trip, names of siblings and so on. Summer was pleasantly surprised when Freddy Bear told her that her favourite colour was pink, and she was amazed about how much he knows about her.

Freddy Bear via the app also has a few puzzles and educational challenges where your child can play with him; allowing them to have fun and learn at the same time. And, the challenges can increase in difficulty, thus, it grows with your child over the years. He also reads stories and his mouth moves when talking.

When he is not paired with a device Freddy Bear will giggle and says cute phrases (and he loves to be tickled). For example, Freddy can giggle when he is turned upside down or thrown in the air and caught. He has several touch sensors around on his body which also provide different reactions to different situations. Although, there is one annoying feature, which happens when Summer leaves him laying down, he repeats that he doesn't like being upside down - he repeats this same sentence until you pick him back-up. Apart from that, he is a charming little bear, which I am sure your child will adore.

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