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Skinade is a scientifically developed collagen-based drink designed to improve skin from within, rather than only working on the surface's appearance. Skinade will help in rebuilding and strengthening the collagen as well as boosting the skin's hydration levels and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I have suffered from both Ance and Eczema over the past couple of years, thus, my complexion isn't particularly great so I hoped that Skinade would help it to appear clearer, softer and smoother. I have a few wrinkles, and I wouldn't say no to firmer and fuller-looking skin, so that was also appealing.

You drink one bottle of Skinade every day. It is recommended that you drink it with breakfast, which is what I did as it was an easy way to get into a routine each and every morning taking it regularly.

For this trial, I was given a 30 day supply. It's a yellow coloured liquid and I was kinda dreading the first taste but was pleasantly surprised as it doesn't taste too bad - I quite like it and don't mind drinking it as part of my daily routine now.

As well as the bottles it is also available in sachets powder form, where you just add water - these are perfect for travelling etc.

So how did I get on?

I definitely noticed that my skin looked and felt better, it was softer and was more nourished. Although, my Acne was still present, I am definitely encouraged to continue using Skinade, with the hope it may just help calm my Acne down over time. I've used so many different creams and oils on my skin, most of them aggravate my skin, so maybe the answer is to try products from within.

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