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Tostadora - Jacob's Wish List #GEEKPRIDE

My boys love to wear fun, geeky, t-shirts and you can find plenty on Tostadora. 

Tostadora is a website that not only create t-shirts, they also buy and sell your own creations via their website. We were invited to choose one t-shirt for a review.

We had loads of fun picking a t-shirt Jacob wanted - there is a huge range available with many different characters, and all available in 9 different colour options.  Jacob changed his mind several times, but in the end he chose the Gunter character from Adventure Time. Once we picked our print/character, we then had the option to choose what colour he wanted his t-shirt in; Orange being Jacob's favourite colour is what he picked. 

Made in 100% cotton, with a reinforced collar cover seam, these are a good quality t-shirt. Make sure when you do wash it to wash on a low heat 30c and to turn the t-shirt inside out.

Tostadora also sell geeky baby grows, hoodies and t-shirts for adults, as well as phone cases. You can have tons of fun with these, the kids love them, and they would be a great gift.

Below is Jacob's wish list for other t-shirts from Tostadora:

Minecraft, Jacob has a hat in this colour and with that pattern, so this t-shirt would match it perfectly.

Another Minecraft pattern.

And another one.

Finally, the Minion's dressed as X-men caught Jacob's attention.

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