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Do you have some amazing pics on your Facebook or Instagram? It's great having photos online, but nothing beats having your photos in print. Especially if you love photos and if you love little books, Printrbook is a website where you can order the cutest little photo book.

The Printrbook website, where can you 
print facebook photos, links to your Facebook and your Instagram account - you browse through all your photos on your accounts and tick the ones you want on your book and you order it, sit back and wait for it to be delivered. It is as easy as that.

For your book there are two options to choose from either 25 or 50 photos - inside your book there is one photo per page. For the front page, you can either allow the system to select 4 photos, or you can select the 4 yourself.

The books are 10cm x 11cm and bound together nicely. The pages are printed on 150gsm matt paper and the front/back is made with a 300gsm Trucard cover.

Finally, you can add personal messages/notes throughout your 
facebook photo book.

The quality of the print is really nice and the book is Polaroid size and perfect for keeping in your handbag, ready to share some lovely photos when visiting friends and family.

I think these books are really cute and they would make a great gift for someone special, you can even ship them worldwide. They start at £12.99 with free shipping.

Graduation gifts with Cadbury Gifts Direct.

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