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Graduation gifts with Cadbury Gifts Direct.

A teacher isn’t just a teacher. they are so much more; they support, guide, protect and encourage your child through the year. This is why we like to show our teachers appreciation - and hopefully without breaking the bank. 

There are many gifts you can buy or make, but with Jacob being in Reception class, which is a large class with several teachers, hampers are great gifts for the teachers to share amongst themselves. With the Sharing Hamper from Cadbury Gifts Direct it will take them to chocolate heaven, packed full of chocolate favourites - there is something for everyone.

It arrives in the Cadbury's purple colour presentation box and the contents are hidden in amongst shredded paper - which looks like it came out of a party popper - fun and delightful.

With this hamper, your teachers will receive so much chocolate they won't know where to start. Presented in a treasure box it contains eighteen bars of Cadbury’s chocolate, from my personal favourite the chocolate Eclairs to the iconic box of Milk Tray, there’s enough to keep everyone happy for the half-term and even longer.

This hamper is perfect for sharing. Which means that with just one purchase, the teachers can share this gift between each other - Now isn’t that a good idea?! Make them all happy with the Sharing Hamper. They have a great selection to share with, from the Cadbury's Roses lover, to another who simply loves Freddo chocolates. 

Choosing the perfect gift that not only says “thank you” but also “I appreciate you”

This hamper is ideal for many occasions but perfect for Jacob's reception teachers, and as graduation gifts too. If you would like to see the whole range of graduation hampers on offer, simply visit the Cadbury Gifts Direct site.

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