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Zeek - Buy And Sell Unwanted Gift Vouchers

Zeek is my newly discovered favourite app. 

Do you have any unused/unwanted gift cards in your purse? I do. Sitting in my purse wasting away, never to be used, waiting to be thrown out once I realised they have gone past the end date. Wasted. But not anymore, there is Zeek, the marketplace via a smartphone app that lets you buy and sell unwanted store.

The range of vouchers on offer is limitless, from Tesco to Zara, M&S, Zizzi and Starbucks. A bustling marketplace that offers a secure platform for transactions, allowing sellers to determine the asking price for their unwanted gift card/e-voucher and for buyers to browse and buy at a discount.

Available on both Android and iPhone, and features a system which converts physical vouchers into digital versions. Purchased vouchers can either be sent through the post in physical form within one week or if applicable they can be used instantly online. The discounts range from 3% right up to 20%.

I've recently ordered some Topshop gift cards for my son so he can buy new clothes for our upcoming holiday, and I also plan to use Zeek to purchase gift cards throughout the following months, saving them for Christmas. 

In addition, I have some Ernest & Jones gift cards I would like to sell, I have no use for these, thus, Zeek is the perfect opportunity for me to sell them and make a few quid from them - which I will probably end up buying more gift cards from Zeek and save those for Christmas shopping.

Either way I think this app is brilliant, it is user-friendly, making the whole process an easy one- and quite enjoyable; who doesn't enjoy it when you save yourself money?

You can Download Here the gift vouchers marketplace, and start saving today.

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