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New Mum Fitness

Getting out of the house and back in shape with young children is not easy.

The saying goes 'fitness begins at home', which is good, because I really don't want to commit myself to expensive gym memberships, not at this point in my life, maybe when the kids are a little older.

My experience with the expensive gym membership has been the main reason in why my fitness drive has derailed. But what are the alternatives? Thus, I've recently been trying to find new ways of keeping fit for free. 

So far I have tried the 7-minute workout - (via an iOS app, which I stream to my TV) and Yoga (via an iOS app, which I stream to my TV). The 7-minute workout didn't work very well with my back (pinched nerve), so I wanted something a little gentler. Yoga, which I quickly became hooked on, I am enjoying it, doing a bit most days over the past few weeks, I can slowly feel my body getting stronger. But Yoga isn't enough. I want to get fit, I want to be able to chase after my kids in the park without feeling like I've just done a full marathon - so what are my other options.

There are two options I haven't explored yet, but I really should. Running and walking more. In my teenage years I was a long distance runner, I used to run for the school in competitions, and the region. But I lost my love for running when I settled down and had my first child 16 years ago. 

Mentally I am ready, my motivation is keen, and I don't want to ignore it or put it off any longer, all I need is the kit; most importantly a good pair of running shoes, a pair that will be kind to my feet and support me in the best way forward.Thus, I am excited to be working in collaboration with Kiddiecare and Sportshoes.com on the new Mum Fitness campaign which is aimed at helping mothers with babies/toddlers improve their fitness in a safe way. 

Choosing the right type of running shoe is important - you can see the video explaining how Sportshoes.com help you to do that here. For this campaign I will be using their wet test to determine which pronation I am so that I can choose the right running shoe for me - then I will be trying them out with some brisk walking (with the kids, Summer in her buggy or on her toddler bike) and hopefully some running - watch out for a progress update post soon.

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