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Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll


Summer loves to play with her Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair Doll. These dolls are all about the "crazy" colourful hair, and each one comes with hair extensions (in 3 different colours), a curling iron, hair clips and glitter, all to help your doll look fabulous. 

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll is fun, innovative and encourages creativity. Summer loves to create new and different hairstyles and the small curling iron is just the right size for her little hands. She also loves that it came with extra "Crazy" hair and as it is made from waxy yarn which allows for endless possibilities; it bends and styles easily. 

The extra hair gives you the freedom to do lots of fun bits to the existing hair by making it longer or by adding style by using the clips. There is so much to do with this Doll; you can curl it, tie it up, pull it straight, pile it high, add in the extensions and even cut it if you so wish. 

Summer's most favourite part is the little pot of glitter, she loves painting Lalaloopsy hair (and her own) making it all sparkly. Also, the little touches like her removable shoes, and her removable necklace allows for much more fun with this Doll.

This is a well-made doll that will last a long time, it's a nice size too, with loads of accessories which allow for hours of fun. Perfect for little ones who are beginning to show an interest in hairstyling and accessorising as the dolls allow for fully immersive hair play.

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll is a great gift for any child that loves dolls and enjoys styling.

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