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Bunny Jump

Bunny Jumpy is an exciting catch the bunny game. Be the player to collect the most carrots by the end to win, but watch out for the bunny, as he quietly sits on top of his burrow overlooking his carrot field, because when you pull out a carrot be ready and waiting he can jump on any pull. 

It's where the fun is in this game, as you have to stay alert and be ready to catch him when he unexpectedly jumps in the air. 

This is a lovely game to play; a simple, but fun game, full of laughter and screams of delight when someone tries to catch the bunny. The rules are straight forward, the player with the most carrots wins - you simply take it in turns to spin the arrow to see if you get to pick up 0,1,2 or lose a carrot, but when the bunny unexpectedly pops out, whoever catches it gets to take 2 carrots from another player.  

Perfect for ages 4 +, this game is for 2 to 4 players, no batteries are required which is a bonus. This would be a great gift for any child, they will enjoy hours of fun playing this.

Included in the box, the burrow, the jumping rabbit, 12 carrots, the baskets, the spinner, and instructions. What I also liked about this game, is how well made it is, the burrow is sturdy, and it is not flimsy and falls apart easily like some other well known board games. My only grumble is the baskets are a tad on the small size and don't hold that many carrots before it tips over, but apart from that overall I am really impressed with this game.

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