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Belvita Tops

BelVita Tops is the newest product from the breakfast brand BelVita.  Available in two flavours: Choco-hazelnuts and strawberry, each box contains 5 packs with 3 biscuits per pack. Made with a blend of 5 whole grains; they offer a good source of vitamins and minerals and are to be enjoyed as part of a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

These are the perfect snack for breakfast, for anyone in a rush that doesn't have time to sit down and eat breakfast, or great to snack for when you are out and about. The packs are foiled which keeps the freshness and making it easier to pop into your bag or lunch box. They not only taste yummy, they also give you a slow release of carbohydrates over 4 hours - giving your energy for the whole morning.

The boys go through phases where they get bored of eating cereal and toast, and look to eat something different, Jacob will sometimes eat cucumber, but for the older two, a bit of fruit or veg is not enough to keep them going all morning at school, so I stock up with BelVita in the cupboard and make sure they are always readily available for them - when they have those mornings where they don't want cereal, or maybe they just got up late.

BelVita add variety to your morning routine, so if you bored of eating cereal or toast, then why not give BelVita Tops a try; a delicious way to start your day. 

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