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5 Steps to Fabulous Feet with ClearZal

We off on holiday this year.

Which means my feet will be out a lot, sandals/flip-flops and bare feet. My feet are not in bad shape, but I do have dry heels, they are not cracked, but I could definitely start to take better care of them, thus, I am using this planned holiday as a motivator to get them pampered and ready for sandal season.

ClearZal kindly sent me a box full of their foot care products and I've been giving them a go with my new routine.

About ClearZal: They are one of the UK's leading foot care brands, with a focus on quality and effectiveness and their range of products contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients. They design and develop products specially for the care of your feet, legs and nails. 

My routine:

Step 1: Tea Tree Foot Soak: Contains all natural ingredients: Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus, and smells divine. You add to warm water in a foot bath for a therapeutic foot soak, it refreshes and softens the skin - it's an enjoyable and relaxing treat.

Step 2: Scrub: Use the scrub and massage into your feet for approx. 2 minutes, starting off with your heels, working your way down to your toes, and then up to your ankles. Ingredients included are aloe vera, thus, it not only exfoliates your feet, but it also leaves a calming and cleansing feel.

Step 3: Foot File: Buff around the rough skin as you would use any file, it really works well, not too hard, but still effective. This is my favourite foot file I've used over the years, it is really easy to hold with its contoured handle, and the design allows you to buff comfortably.

Step 4: Barrell Nail Clippers: Trim and file. These nail clippers are designed to trim your nails straight across, with the aim to eliminate any ingrown nails and to avoid any cuts that cause discomfort. These sturdy nail clippers are made from stainless steel, and will last a long time.

Step 5: Foot Food: Moisturising is important if you want to avoid rough/cracked heelsUrea-based Silk Foot Food helps lock in the moisture and hydrates the soles. You rub the thick cream onto your feet using circular motion, formulated with aloe vera. 

Then if you are like me a busy mum on my feet all day, rub the Busy Feet energising cream, feel the tingle and warming sensation in your soles. It is relaxing and it leaves the feet smelling fresh, with a strong menthol scent.

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