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World Map Wallpaper Murals

Explorer Kids World Map
Typography World Map Mural
Navigator World Map

We're planning on converting the rest of the garage into a playroom, a place for the kids to play, have their own space and somewhere we can hide the endless sea of toys. I want to make it bright and fun, with an educational feel to it, and I think the perfect theme would be a world map mural wallpaper.

Having a world map in the playroom will bring an educational environment, as well as fun and games; they can use the wallpaper to search and find countries, and oceans. It would have a Wow factor.

The three pictures above are my favourite:

  • Explorer Kids World Map - I love this one, and I think it would be perfect in Jacob's bedroom, but for the playroom, to cover all my children ages I need a mural that isn't to 'kiddie' and unfortunately I don't think my teenager, Liam, would appreciate this one.
  • Typography World Map Mural - This would be perfect for my teenager, but not so fun for the younger two.
  • Navigator World Map - Finally, this mural would be perfect, not too kiddiefied, and not to 'oldie'. It covers all ages, it's fun, bright and it looks stunning.

With 4 kids at varying ages, starting from 2 right up to 15, I have to find a world map that fits all their needs, not to childish, but not too boring, one they can all enjoy and appreciate. 

These three options are available on the Mural Wallpaper online store. They've recently released their new range of world map designs. A stunning range of world maps for all ages and all tastes. Made in the UK, they offer three different types of main paper to cater for budget and requirements.

If you like the three I have chosen, why not head over to the Murial Wallpaper website to have a look at their full range of world maps.

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