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Old El Paso

Saturday night is our Mexican food night, and every Saturday we eat taco's, wraps and salsa. 

It's the one meal we all enjoy together, no moans, no groans, and no different dishes to cook. And, we always buy the Old El Paso range, we've previously tried other brands, but find we prefer Old El Paso. They offer a fantastic range and deliver with taste, variety and fun. 

The kits give you everything you need to cook up a tasty sharing dish, all you need to add is the meat. You can buy the rice, and additional sauces; my favourite sauces are sour cream topping and chunky Guacamole and both of these come in a handy squeezy bottle. You can also buy the individual items, like the shells or wraps.

I like to use lamb mince for the taco's and soft taco's and steak for the wraps - although there are no rules, and sometimes we mix it up, and have the mince in wraps and so on. Or sometimes, Jacob makes his own chip and lettuce wrap with rice and no meat - it's up to you.

Now and then we also treat ourselves to the Nacho kit; tasty warm nacho's with melted cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole - yummy, and great when you have guests or the kids friends around.

Oh and hubby always buys the jar of Jalapenos - I don't eat Jalapenos as I really don't like anything spicy, but hubby and our older boys will add these in their wraps.

You can find the Old El Paso range in major supermarkets. 

This is just how I like my soft taco's.

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