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Winnie the Pooh Jiggle with Me

Winnie the Pooh Jiggle with Me is a fun, super-soft and an engaging interactive floor toy, which is ideal for you little ones first Winnie the pooh teddy.  This is simple to use; Summer actually showed me how to use it, whilst I was busy touching his belly to get him started, Summer exclaimed "No mummy, push his head" and she proceeded to show me.

  • Tap on pooh’s head and watch as he sways from side to side in time to the music
  • As your baby becomes confident in sitting, encourage them to sway along with Pooh
  • There are three different songs for you and your baby to sway along to
  • Pooh will start to sway and then stop, encouraging your little one to tap his head to start him moving again
  • Includes 4 x AA batteries

Summer, loved pretending to blow his nose with his attached hanky (tissue), and each time he ahh-choo's, she would exclaim "bless you". She jigs along with it, and also loves to cuddle him.

Winnie the Pooh Jiggle with me will be a great gift for any babies and toddlers (recommended for 9 months +), they will have hours of fun singing and dancing along with Winnie the Pooh as they watch him jiggle and listen to his iconic, jolly sound.

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