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Little Snappers Pop-up books

Little Snappers books published by Little Tiger Press

Lift the flaps to find out which colourful and quirky animals are popping out at you! These exciting pop-up flap books features cute and clever rhymes and a cast of lovable animal characters.

We reviewed two books from the little snappers range:

  • Cheep Cheep Pop-Up Fun - Meet the funny farmyard characters and clever rhymes.
  • Snip Snap Pop-Up Fun - Meet the jolly jungle characters and clever rhymes.

Pop-up fun, kids love books with pop-ups, they can lift them and discover what is behind the flap bringing the animals to life; it makes the book more exciting and more interactive. Overall a fun read.

Each book is a gorgeous pop-up hardback with bright coloured illustrations and nice rhyming words which captures the children's attention. The pop-ups are impressive, they move really nicely and seem quite sturdy so they shouldn't rip easily like pop-ups sometimes can. My 2.5 and my 5-year-old both with ease opened the pop-ups, and enjoyed doing so.

Both of these books are a lovely, fun books for young children - and parent. A great idea to purchase as a gift for little ones, or for your own child. They cost £6.99 each and you can find them on Amazon.

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