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The Wild Flowers Company

Aren't these flowers beautiful? I love how unique they look and wouldn't they make the perfect mother's day gift? 

If you are like me, you love flowers, they bring much joy and love, so why wait until your other half comes home with a bouquet of flowers. If I'm lucky I maybe get 3 or 4 bunches a year from hubby, but mostly for special occasions. I'm not complaining, I love and appreciate each and every time he gets me flowers, but maybe I could start buying some for myself to enjoy more often. The benefits of adorning your abode with flowers are worth splashing on the blossoms for yourself. 

I love the idea of the Wild Flowers company subscription service, where you can sign up, sit back and enjoy, new, fresh, beautiful flowers that are delivered straight to your door- And what is so great about these are they're not any same old, same old, supermarket flowers, no, these Wildflowers are unique, different, distinctive and simply stunning. 

My flowers arrived in a beautiful presented box  and they were in perfect condition. In the box are instructions on how best to maintain your flowers and also a little sachet of plant food.  My flowers stood on my living room windowsill for 3 weeks.

Whilst most flowers on the market today are imported, mass produced and chemical-laden, the Wild Flowers company offers arrangements sourced only from British producers aimed at those seeking quality without harming the environment and they deliver them directly to your home on a weekly or monthly basis.

Subscription options:

  • A three posies a week package costs £24 p/w
  • A weekly package costs £28 p/w
  • A monthly package costs £32 p/m
  • A seasonal package costs £128 p/a and delivers four seasonal bunches a year
  • A pregnancy packages costs £168 p/a and delivers 6 seasonal arrangements over 6 months.
  • One-off arrangement.
Subscriptions can be one-off, for a specific period (usually for gifts purposes) or on open-ended basis (when buying flowers for oneself).

You can also choose a fixed term subscription, so for instance if you decide you want it for 3months, perfect if you would like to send a gift subscription to someone special, like for Mothers Day.
The Wild Flowers company curate the arrangements depending on seasonal and market availability. Each bunch are prepared, laid and wrapped in the delivery boxes in Kentish Town, north London, before being delivered to your door. By buying and preparing flowers upon orders, shelf time is reduced and the flowers last longer than if purchased from other classic companies.
If you would like to order some special flowers for either yourself or someone special, then make sure to use this discount code specifically for my readers: 20% off any order with the code CNSE20 - valid until 31st March 2015.

Day one and not yet bloomed.
They flowers have started to bloom.


Below is how the flowers arrive. Securely boxed up, with the flowers wrapped in brown paper and tied. The base of the stems come wrapped in a little pouch bag that keeps your flowers moist throughout its journey to your home.


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