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Mango Salute Bespoke Art Cards

Mango Salute is an online website offering fine-art greeting card from a community of creative contributors in over 30 countries. The brand combines the tradition of a physical greeting card with modern digital communication and delivers directly to worldwide destinations. Founded in 2014 by Ariel Resnik, an Australian entrepreneur determined to transform the common cold greeting card into the warm embrace of a meaningful message.

The name ‘Mango Salute’ was derived from the Australian mango season – an exciting time in Ariel’s household that he recalls from childhood. When those first juicy mangoes of the season arrived, Ariel’s family forgot their squabbles and stresses and gathered in the kitchen to enjoy blissful fruits, good company and full stomachs. It’s this happy moment in time that he hoped to recreate, saluting the mango with his meaningful greeting tool.

The finished cards are printed on high-quality materials sourced from sustainable forests, they work with independent printers in three continents to create the cards, which are always sent from the closest printer directly to the recipient; minimising delivery time and environmental impact. They are also committed to giving back and they dedicate a minimum of 10% of its profit to sustainable social enterprises - you can read more about this on their website.

Each Mango Salute fine-art card costs £4.50 with free international shipping. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What I love about this website is their online tool allows you to personalise each card, making it special and meaningful - First you pick your design, then you personalise it with typing your own message, and finally you can add an encoded video, you could share a song or record a video message.

So whether you are looking for a card for this Valentines or Mothers day, Mango Salute offer a large beautiful and unique card design range, each card individual to meet your desires. Or if you just fancy something different to surprise that someone special with your special message, Mango Salute can transform your traditional greeting card into a lifelong keepsake.

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