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The Febreze Winter Collection

Limited Edition Febreze's Winter Collection - Apple & Spice scent.

Febreze is famous for it unique odour elimination technology, the technology that captures bad odour molecules and neutralises them rather than just covering them temporarily.

I love Febreze, and with 4 kids, 1 dog, and 2 cats, we experience all sorts of unwelcome odours around the house, from a rotten chicken wings down my sons side of the bed (sigh), to stinky nappies - a spritz of Febreze and all is well again. 

So when I was given the opportunity to review the winter collection, which I had not tried myself yet, I got a bit excited.

So what did we receive:

Febreze Air Spray, apple & spice 300ml: This spray will eliminate bad odours and leave a soft pleasant scent instead. I keep a bottle in my kitchen cupboard ready for a daily spritz, and most importantly on-hand for any bad odour emergencies around the house.

Febreze scented candle, apple & spice candle: With up to 30 hours and the refreshing scent lingers long after you blow it out. This is the first time I have used a Febreze scented candle, and was pleasantly pleased with it. The soft glow on my lounge window, complimented with the soft warming scent, was just divine.

Febreze Set & Refresh, apple & spice diffuser: keeps your house fresh for 30 days by gradually releasing scented oils. I popped this on the downstairs toilet window, which then left it with a lovely soft warm scent.

I love this winter collection Febreze set, the scent is deliciously comforting, even hubby likes it (he doesn't always like some of the plug in scents I get), and that is because of the subtle light fragrance it leaves, which is not overpowering: Cinnamon and cloves blended with apple and berries, complimented by a hint of relaxing vanilla.

You can trust Febreze with its long lasting fragrance, it's never disappointed me and it has given that winter warmth scent all around our home. It is such a pleasure to use, I wouldn't be without my Febreze.

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