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You've probably seen the  Mo Farah adverts, I have and since watching them, they've piqued my interest and I've wanted to give Quorn a try. I am not a vegetarian, although I do feel I eat far too much meat, which was my main drive for wanting to try Quorn, but what does it taste like? does it have a taste? Is it good enough to replace meat - I don't want to fully replace meat as I will always like meat, but Quorn could go some-way in helping me cut down my meat intake.

What is Quorn:
Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is a nutritionally healthy protein source that is meat free and naturally low in saturated fat and high in fibre. Quorn products have the taste, appearance and texture of meat, perfect if you want meat free meals or are thinking of creating healthier versions of your favourite everyday meals. Unlike other meat alternatives, there's no strong aftertaste, and Quorn is great at absorbing the flavours used in cooking, making for great tasting meals.

I was surprised at the large range Quorn has to offer; from meat free pies, meat free roast, to meat free mince and much more!  I started with meat free mince, something simple and easy.

I cooked a chilli con carne using the meat free mince and I liked it!. I noticed when pouring the Chilli sauce into the Quorn that it absorb it up, and I was concerned it would go stodgy, so I did add some water to thin it out a bit, but that also quickly adsorbed up, so I decided to leave it and see how it comes out. I didn't know what to expect, but it pleasantly surprised me. Hubby thought it tasted nice, he commented on the texture was a bit different, but overall he was impressed. For me, I couldn't tell the difference  - it tasted just as nice as the mince beef meat version. I am definitely going to try a few more Quorn products out, I have my eye on the meat free steak pies, and the meat free sausages. 

So if you are like me and would like to cut down on meat, but without loosing that staple food, and still with a healthy option, then give Quorn a try.

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